Shoulder Training – The Top 3 Exercises for Broad Shoulders

↺ Last update: 17. November 2020 D u want to build broad shoulder muscles so that you look wide under your shirt? In this post I will show you the 3 best shoulder exercises for an effective shoulder workout! With the right execution and technique, you are guaranteed massive and broad shoulders ! So let’s […]

5 simple reasons why you are not gaining muscle

↺ Last update: 28. October 2020 I m weight training is like in any other sport, if you don’t master the basics, you will never get into a higher level! Build muscle quickly only works if you strictly avoid the following mistakes from the start. In this blog post I would like to show you […]

Learn pull-ups? This is how you can quickly do the first pull-up

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Ironman Hawaii – this is the hardest triatlon in the world

↺ Last update: 30. August 2020 D he Ironman Hawaii is one of the most difficult and toughest endurance competitions worldwide. The long stretches of the Ironman Thriathlon are made more difficult by strong waves, gusts of wind and temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius. It is precisely these extremes that make the Ironman so […]

Train legs? 5 reasons that will convince you!

↺ Last update: 20. September 2019 B do one training, you don’t need that? In this post I’ll tell you 5 great reasons that will convince you not to skip the leg training in the future. However, if you have already trained your legs sufficiently, you can read about the advantages of hard leg training […]

Weight training or equipment training – which is more effective?

↺ Last update: 28. August 2019 K can dumbbell training with 20 Euro dumbbells achieve the same effect as with a 2000 Euro expensive exercise machine? In this article I answer the question of whether dumbbell training is more effective than equipment training or whether the many modern training devices do not have a better […]

Supersets, 21s & Co. – an overview of all intensity techniques

↺ Last update: 3. September 2019 A Attention, this article is not for wimps! Supersets, drop sets, 21s & Co. are So-called intensity techniques and an effective means of muscle training to avoid stagnation and to get an even more intense muscle stimulus. In this article I will show you the 9 best known and […]

Breathe correctly while jogging? You have to pay attention to this

↺ Last update: 18. November 2019 B In sport, it not only depends on how good your training plan, your exercise execution or your condition is, breathing properly also has one great impact on training. An incorrect breathing technique costs energy and can lead to a stitch or headache. Using the example of four sports, […]

Effective muscle building training plan for at home

↺ Last update: 27. July 2020 W he believes muscles can only be optimally trained in the gym, he thought wrong! Even at at home it is possible to train the muscles effectively with very little fitness equipment. The prerequisite for this is a well thought-out muscle building training plan that trains all your muscles. […]

Volume training – a training system with advantages and disadvantages

↺ Last update: 27. November 2018 I n this article I will introduce you to one of the most famous training systems – the volume training . Special features of volume training are low weights, lots of sets, lots of repetitions and rapid muscle building. Volume training not only offers advantages, it also has some […]